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Algorithms Notes for Professionals book

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  1. Getting started with algorithms
  2. Algorithm Complexity
  3. Graph
  4. Graph Traversals
  5. Dijkstra’s Algorithm
  6. A* Pathfinding
  7. A* Pathfinding Algorithm
  8. Dynamic Programming
  9. Kruskal's Algorithm
  10. Greedy Algorithms
  11. Applications of Greedy technique
  12. Prim's Algorithm
  13. Bellman–Ford Algorithm
  14. Line Algorithm
  15. Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
  16. Catalan Number Algorithm
  17. Multithreaded Algorithms
  18. Knuth Morris Pratt (KMP) Algorithm
  19. Edit Distance Dynamic Algorithm
  20. Online algorithms
  21. Big-O Notation
  22. Sorting
  23. Bubble Sort
  24. Merge Sort
  25. Insertion Sort
  26. Bucket Sort
  27. Quicksort
  28. Counting Sort
  29. Heap Sort
  30. Cycle Sort
  31. Odd-Even Sort
  32. Selection Sort
  33. Trees
  34. Binary Search Trees
  35. Check if a tree is BST or not
  36. Binary Tree traversals
  37. Lowest common ancestor of a Binary Tree
  38. Searching
  39. Substring Search
  40. Breadth-First Search
  41. Depth First Search
  42. Hash Functions
  43. Travelling Salesman
  44. Knapsack Problem
  45. Equation Solving
  46. Longest Common Subsequence
  47. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  48. Check two strings are anagrams
  49. Pascal's Triangle
  50. Algo:- Print a m*n matrix in square wise
  51. Matrix Exponentiation
  52. Applications of Dynamic Programming
  53. polynomial-time bounded algorithm for Minimum Vertex Cover
  54. Dynamic Time Warping
  55. Fast Fourier Transform
  56. Pseudocode

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257 pages, published on May 2018

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